Rejuvenation Center

Refugees face overwhelming stresses day in and day out. Initially, they must leave their families, homes, and the country they love to start life anew. Typically they arrive with no money and only what they could carry. Once they’ve come to their destination country, they find they are not welcome and not wanted. In the US, an employer or landlord can not legally discriminate against someone for their ethnicity. However, that is not a concept that has been in Ecuador yet. The majority of employers openly state they will not hire Venezuelans. The majority of landlords openly say they will not lease to Venezuelans. Here, discrimination is not hidden in the back of people’s minds but is flaunted and expressed publicly without rebuke. 

Considering all this, we believe that refugees deserve a place to come and be pampered. To receive free massages and beauty treatments, to relax and leave their troubles at the door. Our Rejuvenation Center is a peaceful retreat where weary feet are rubbed, and battered souls find a moment of relief. In this way, we are actively working to make our vision a reality.


Vision: We want to see a world where compassion and empathy are the norms, a world where love is poured out without measure or discrimination.