Diapers and Dignity Kits

Anyone who’s been a parent understands the immense cost of an infant. Refugees are working 15 hour days only to receive enough money for that day. One of the many unfortunate repercussions of this is the forgoing of baby products. Many refugee infants own a handful of diapers, and parents reuse them multiple times after washing them in a river. Because of this, diaper rash cream is near the most demanded product from our clinic. GRACE has teamed up with the Diaper Bank to combat this heartbreaking health risk and has distributed thousands of diapers.

Beyond diapers, we also distribute Dignity Kits for adults. A Ripple International, the same organization that gifted an ultrasound machine and EKG to our Grace clinic, were the ones to form this operation. Both of our organizations agreed that a person needs more than just the bare minimum survival essentials to maintain a positive self-image. And so, hundreds of dignity kits have been created and distributed. Dignity Kits contain essentials like soap, shampoo, deodorant, nail clippers, feminine pads, alcohol spray, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a razor, all in a reusable bag. These kits have always been valuable to their recipients, but their worth has been amplified due to Covid 19. While maintaining cleanliness is always important, during a pandemic, it’s mainly essential.
Add this link: https://a-ripple.org/dignity-for-venezuelans/.