Refugees to Neighbor

Our program Refugee to Neighbor is perhaps the shining star program of GRACE and has been the underlying program that has branched into all the others. In this program, we seek out refugee community leaders that are self-sacrificial and self-motivated individuals of high moral integrity and talent. After identifying potential change-makers, Grace invests into them through grants to eliminate their need to generate income and free them from the trivial pursuit of making money. Instead, they are to focus on creating social changes, inspiring hope, and mitigating human suffering through their unique talents and expertise. It is through this program that our medical clinic was founded, as well as our dental clinic, our feeding program, our Supply Distribution Center, and much more. We have partnered with doctors and lawyers and many other types of professionals. In this way we motivate refugees to serve and inspire other refugees, which fosters a shared sense of compassion and comradery across the community.  

See all our Refugee to Neighbor Recipients in 2019 and 2020 in this pdf: Refugees to Neighbor