Our Story

GRACE exists to help refugees get on their feet. To do this we have tailored our help to the individual needs of each refugee or family. Along with medical and legal services, we have helped with school uniforms, bringing loved ones out of Venezuela, providing household items, food, clothing, and helping to get small family businesses started. We provide these services on a case by case basis. Our headquarters are in Cuenca, Ecuador.

GRACE has opened and operates Castle Grace in Cuenca. We have a network of 12 doctors who offer routine diagnoses, medications, and referrals as needed to a network of coalition partners who offer GRACE discounts and benefits for our patients.


Cuenca, Ecuador

We at GRACE believe that we are Jesus’ hands, eyes, ears, and feet in the world. What we do for the least of these in our community we do for Him. Please contact us with any questions, or to find out how to get involved with any of our projects.