clothing bank

Imagine leaving your home today, and you can only take with you what you can carry. Would clothing and extra shoes be high on your priority list? That is the decision many of the refugees in Cuenca faced. Not surprisingly, the only clothes they brought were the ones they were wearing, and the sole shoes they had were the ones on their feet. We faced our first nurse named Dominga with this challenge. She was forced to walk for days in search of a new home. By the time she made it to Ecuador, she had worn out her shoes, and her right foot had suffered a stress fracture.

To make matters worse, the high altitudes of the Andes bring with it cold weather that the Venezuelans are not accustomed to or prepared for. Due to all these factors, GRACE has founded and operated a handful of Clothing Banks in churches, other nonprofits, and initially in our own space of the Grace Clinic. Our current Clothing Bank is used inside of Fundación Nur. Add video of Grace against Corona: